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Psychedelic Therapy in Texas – Houston Health Museum Event

Texas HB 1802: Landmark Legislation Passes in Texas, Provides Study for Alternative Psychedelic Therapy for the Treatment of Veteran PTS

In recent years, calls for the use of psychedelic drugs as a treatment for Post Traumatic Stress or PTS have been growing louder. In response to this call, Texas House Representative Alex Dominquez the Champion of HB 1802 was able to get this Texas bill passed with almost unanimous bipartisan support in the Texas House of Representative – 87th Legislative Session.

HB 1802 establishes a clinical study by the Health and Human Services Commission in collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine in partnership with a Veteran Affairs Medical Center into the safety and efficacy of psilocybin as an alternative therapy for the treatment of veteran PTS. Concurrent with the clinical study, HHSC will complete a literature review on the safety and efficacy of psilocybin, 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), and ketamine in the treatment of treatment-resistant PTSD, as well as veterans’ access to these therapeutics in the United States. 

Why is HB 1802 Important

From a legislation perspective, HB1802 is a first of its kind. With almost unanimous bipartisan support from the Texas Congress and representatives working across the aisle to approve this bill, Texas will now be the first state to have passed legislation to clinically research the effects of psychedelics on the Veteran population. This research may potentially open up a door for psychedelic therapy to be used in the treatment of other populations in Texas and across the United States.

HB 1802 represents a step forward in understanding how psychedelics can help treat psychiatric disorders, particularly PTS, which is estimated to affect 11-20% of Iraq war veterans [Texas Department of State Health Services]

What Does It Mean For The Future of Veteran Care in the US

Psychedelics can still be taboo for many, but Texas has shown incredible resolve here working with Dr. Lynnette Averill, Ph.D. of the Baylor College of Medicine to ensure that this study is done at a world-class medical facility behind sounds science, dosages, environmental considerations, and patients support mechanisms. 

HB1802 is a historic achievement in Texas for psychedelic research. It’s also an important win to have gained bipartisan support, which further shows the potential of using psychedelics as part of psychiatric treatment plans.

Texas hopes that this research will be the launching pad to open the conversation and finally put the legislative power behind The State of Texas while providing the clinical proof to elevate the conversations to the federal level. The VA and Military Medical systems have been under scrutiny for years for not doing enough to be proactive enough and provide these alternative treatments that have been extremely effective in treating Veterans who unfortunately have to go outside of the United States to legally get access to these medicines.

HB 1802 bipartisan support from across the aisle came from former Texas Governor and Secretary of Energy Rick Perry. Governor Perry & Representative Dominguez both know the importance of this study as the first step of many as they continue to advocate and fight for Veterans now more than ever with the recent conclusion of wartime activities in Afghanistan.

Who Are The Non-Profits Leading In New Treatments for Veterans

Continuing to lead the way and champion support for Veterans and these effective alternative treatment modalities for Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress are Army Special Forces Veteran Andrew Marr Co-Founder of Warrior Angels Foundation and Navy Seal Marcus Capone & Wife Amber, the Co-Founders of Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions. Andrew & Marcus themselves have been the benefactor of such psychedelic treatments for Traumatic Brain Injury a PTS after multiple combat tours overseas.  Knowing first-hand the effects of war, the current challenges and limitations of available treatments for TBI & PTS, and the power of these psychedelic experiences can have in helping to heal the physical and psychological brain; both Andrew & Marcus along with Amber were instrumental in sharing their story of hope, healing, and perspective on the Texas Congressional Floor.  A message that was well received and pivotal to the passing of this groundbreaking Texas Legislation.

What’s Next

HB 1802 was passed unanimously through both the Texas House and Senate. It’s now been signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott into law, which marks a monumental day in history as being one of the first states in America that will begin establishing clinical research protocols on how psychedelics can help veterans who are suffering from PTS & TBI.

Off the Success of HB 1802, Warrior Angels Foundation is now fundraising for a new clinical study with the University of Texas in Austin and Heroic Hearts Project to focus on the physiological treatment and repair of the brain through psychedelics & neutraceuticals protocols. Nutraceutical protocols help identify inflation and hormonal deficiency in the brain most likely as a result of physical trauma to the brain. A personalized nutraceutical protocol reduces inflammation and restores unbalanced hormone levels. This personalized precision approach helps to address the injury at its root cause and improves irritability, cognitive deficits, depression, insomnia, and anxiety which can manifest months or even years after the initial incident all without the need for opiates and symptom masking pharmaceuticals.

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