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Discussing TBI, Neuroinflammation, and Treatment on Security Halt! Podcast

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Dr. Mark L Gordon and Andrew Marr discuss traumatic brain injury (TBI), neuroinflammation, treatment and psychedelics on this episode of the “Security Halt!” podcast. Countless veterans suffer in silence, not understanding the insidious effects of TBI.  Post-TBI neuroinflammation can disrupt neurotransmitters and neurosteroids, bringing on symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, mood imbalances, depression, and low libido.

Traditionally, physicians tend to place patients immediately on pharmaceuticals aimed at treating symptoms. In contrast, Dr. Gordon aims to treat the underlying causes that started the fire rather than allow it to keep burning. After 16 years of research, Dr. Gordon developed diagnostic tests and nutraceuticals, in order to directly reduce neuroinflammation and eliminate the debilitating symptoms of TBI. As Dr. Gordon illustrates, these nutraceuticals aim to extinguish the fire caused by inflammations so the brain may begin to rebuild a healthier and more resilient infrastructure. On the podcast, Dr. Gordon and Andrew Marr discuss how the protocol, in combination with anti-inflammatory diets and other therapeutic modalities (cold plunge, meditation, exercise, etc.), has proven to be highly beneficial in reducing neuroinflammation and resolving symptoms.

Many individuals placed on the protocols see improvement within 60-90 days. However, as we now know, TBI can also disrupt neurosteroids and hormones as well. If necessary, after completing the nutraceutical protocol, biomarkers can be drawn to address inflammation and rebalance out-of-sync hormones.  

A study conducted in conjunction with the United States Marine Corps resulted in a substantial improvement of symptoms among active Marines. After 90 days of the protocol, 65% of active marines showed improvements between 50-100%. Dr. Gordon currently has over 1000 active clients and over 6000 that are improving every day.

Individuals that can afford treatment can see Dr. Gordon Directly at Millennium Health. The Warrior Angels Foundation was founded by brothers Andrew and Adam Marr to bring answers, hope, and treatment to all who suffer from TBI. Veterans that can’t afford treatment can reach out to the foundation where they may receive resources and assistance in their journey toward healing.

Jahaziel Marrero, BSN, RN, EMT-P

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