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Dr. Michael Lewis' sponsored protocol for TBI Recovery

Omega 3 based healing Protocol

  • High Quality Fish Oils to reduce inflammation
  • Symptom adjustment through secondary ingredients
  • CBD oil for Warrior-Pak +

Discord Community

  • Cohort approach to shared healing
  • Resources for additional pillars of health
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Activity
    • Family partnership
    • Sleep Assistance


A little over two years ago I was struggling to figure out what was next for me as I transitioned out of the military. And given the struggles I was having with the common symptoms of TBI the prospects of landing a job seemed unlikely. So I told myself I would go back to school and get my mba - with GI Bill it should be basically free

Fast forward a little over two years, much of that on the WAF protocol and I’m proud to share that I just finished interviewing for a top 5 MBA program 


The Science Explained - Dr. Michael Lewis with John Miles

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Enable your brain to heal from the injury over 90-180 days

Transition to post care recovery and help your fellow Veterans

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We are a Non-profit and there are two options. Individuals can self-fund by going to "Shop" and purchasing. If you are requesting sponsorship, please reach out here.

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Critical to your healing is tracking the progress made as well as the areas you are still struggling. There is rarely a "Lightswitch" moment but we aim to capture the change.

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