4x4x48 Challenge



Our 4x4x48 Challenge raises funds to support our partnered Non Profits on the New Frontier of Veteran Brain Health, Neurorestoration, and Psychedelic Trauma Therapy.

Collectively we are helping to heal the Veterans that returned but are yet to come home, still struggling.

Will you accept the challenge?

Starting your fundraiser is meant to be easy

It only takes a minute to set up a fundraising page. Create a fundraiser as an individual or join/create a team. Customize your page and just like that, you’ll be ready to support one of our partnered Veteran Non Profits.


On March 4th, 2022 @2pm CST our partnered Non Profits (below) along with friends and members of the Military Special Operations community, will camp out in Texas and complete the WAF 4x4x48 Challenge in the Sam Houston National Forest.

We are taking on the additional struggle of completing this challenge from a campsite instead of our comfortable homes to serve as a reminder of the struggle our Veterans go through to find healing when they come home.

We also want those of you who accept the challenge to know that you are not alone and that we are all in this together. We will be completing 4 miles every 4 hour for 48 hours as part of the community. Together we can



----Remember those Veterans that left home and never returned----
----Celebrate those Veterans who came home and overcame their struggles----
----Raise funds to help those who returned but are still struggling----


Fundraise for the following Non-Profits supporting the New Frontier of Veteran Brain Health, Neurorestoration, and Psychedelic Therapy


1- Join The WAF 4x4x48 Discord

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  • The 4x4x48 Challenge is sweeping the nation.
  • Join the WAF Discord and get the latest updates, workout routines, challenge advice, and fundraising support.
  • Be part of an amazing community of difference makers that celebrates and encourages one another.

2. Fundraise, Spread The Word, & Train

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  • Create a fundraiser as an individual or join/create a team. Customize your story and let people know why this challenge is important to you.
  • When people donate to your fundraiser they will be able to designate funds to the partnered Non Profit of your choice.
  • Use your training as a platform to spread the word as you prepare for the suckfest.

3- Complete the

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  • The challenge is to run 4 miles, every 4 hrs, for 48 hrs straight. After a 48hr period you will have run 48miles.
  •  The challenge will start on Friday 3/4/2022 @2pm CST with the next iteration starting every 4 hrs until complete (i.e. 6pm, 10pm, 2am etc.)
  •  If you can't run then walk, crawl, swim, pushup, sit up, whatever you can do, get off the couch, get off your ass, and get after it, you got this!!!




Join us and help support the New Frontier of Veteran Brain Health, Neurorestoration, and Psychedelic Trauma Therapy.

Interested in being a supported non profit for our next event:
Join the discord and let us know


What is a 4x4x48 Challenge?

The 4x4x48 Challenge was started by Retired Navy Seal David Goggins. The premise is simple; get off the couch, get off your ass, and do something really, really, really hard while raising money for the causes that matter to you most.

Run 4 miles, every 4 hrs, for 48hrs. If you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then swim, if you can't swim do push ups... you get the idea. Do something hard and do it for someone other than yourself

Why the WAF Spec. Ops. & Friends 4x4x48 Challenge?

We at Warrior Angels Foundation were inspired to put on a 4x4x48 Challenge by Jack Morris and Avery Petersen. Jack & Avery completed the challenge last year in March of 2021 raising funds and awareness for Warrior Angels Foundation and the Veterans we support.

Inspired by Jack and Avery we set out to join the 4x4x48 Challenge movement for 2022. In doing so we have partnered with the tip of the spear Veteran Non Profits to raise funds for the New Frontier of Veteran Brain Health, Neurorestoration, and Psychedelic Trauma Therapy.

Plainly put, we wanted to better support those who are out there supporting our collective missions. We wanted something hard that you had to struggle through to complete so we can remember the struggle Veterans have to go through to heal. We are stronger together. That's also why we wanted to set up a discord for this, so that this incredible community has a place to come together and support one another.

Is someone in Special Operations doing the WAF 4x4x48 Challenge?

Yes, all participating Non-Profits are inviting special guests from the Special Operations Community & Friends of, to Andrew & Adam Marr's ranch land in Texas to camp for the entire weekend in austere conditions (making the challenge even more sucky) and complete the 4x4x48 challenge in the forest of the Sam Houston National Forest. We want everyone to know that you are not alone and we are doing the challenge with you.

Can I complete the 4x4x48 challenge from the Texas campsite?

No, not this year. We are limiting invites to the Texas campsite for this year and will reassess for next year. If you are interested in attending next year let us know in the WAF 4x4x48 Discord Channel.

Where should I run the 4x4x48 challenge?

We encourage you to start your challenge with us this year on 3/4/2022 @2pm CST. The best practice is to run a 4 mile route that has you finishing at the same place you started. This will ensure that you have maximum rest time before your next iteration. For more information and support on best practices join our WAF Discord and visit the 4x4x48 Channel.

How do I fundraise?

Click any of the start fundraising button on this site or click here. Click start fundraising. You can then create an individual page, join a team, or create a team. You will be able to customize, share and promote your page on social media, and track donation progress to your goal.

How do I make sure that my donations go to the right non profit?

When someone checks out on your donation page, they will have the option to designate which non profit they want the funds to go to. YOU MUST MAKE SURE THAT YOUR DONORS SELECT THE RIGHT NON PROFIT DESIGNATION. If I want my funds to go to Warrior Angels - I would select the WAF4x4x48 designation. If I want my funds to go to SOAA - I would select the SOAA4x4x48 designation and so on. If your donor designates to the wrong designation we will not be able to go back and adjust.

Can I just make a donation?

Yes, you can also select to just make a donation on the event donation page here, Same rules apply on the non profit designation as the question

Do I have to fundraise or donate to participate?

No, while the purpose of this fundraiser is to challenge you to get out and raise money for the causes you care about most while doing something difficult to challenge yourself, it is not a requirement to participate. Join the community here at the WAF Discord 4x4x48 Channel.

My question isn't answered above?

Post any additional questions you have in the WAFDiscord 4x4x48 Channel