Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I begin?  

Beginning with the Angel Pak would be the best way to start. The Angel Pak is the baseline  aid of Dr. Gordons protocol. Choosing the Angel Pak first and allowing your body to adjust  to the changes of the new vitamins and supplements entering your body.  

Do you accept donations? 

You can find our donations page here:

As well as using us as your Amazon Smile Charity:

Do I need a prescription? 

No. You do not need a prescription, you can order the Angel Pak right from our website.  Under the tab “Shop”  

What is the Angel Pak?  

The Angel Pak is a Pak consisting of multiple supplements and vitamins that have been  carefully formulated in order to work on specific hormones and inflammation of the brain,  in turn it helps the functioning of the brain that had been previously injured. 

What if I am already on some of these supplements? 

**Any medical related questions should always be directed to a primary care physician

How long does the Angel Pak last?  

The Angel Pak comes in 30 day increments.  

Should I stop taking my prescription when starting the Angel Pak?

**Any medical related questions should always be directed to a primary care physician

When will I know when to re-order the Angel Pak? 

You will receive a reorder Email as your 30 days expiration approaches. 

What happens if I don’t feel any changes?  

As we a suggest a 90-day consumption of our Angel Pak, if no changes have been  reported within the onboarding conversations/On-going Check-in conversations. We will  then have a continued conversation about forwarding your care to one of our partnered  doctors. 

What is the recommended dosage of the Angel Pak?  

We suggest starting with a 90-day  

Do you offer financial support for those who may not be able to afford the Angel Pak? 

Yes. You can fill out a Sponsorship Support Application here: https://  

Who can I contact for more information?

How can I sponsor someone to be on the Angel Pak?  

If you or someone you know is struggling with traumatic brain injury. You can sponsor  someone by donating to our donations page  

Do you have testimonials?:  

You can find testimonials on our  

Facebook: Warrior Angels Foundation  

Instagram: WarriorAngelsFDN  


Our website: 

Do you have social media? 

Facebook: Warrior Angels Foundation  

Instagram: WarriorAngelsFDN  

Does the VA cover the cost of the Angel Pak? 

The VA does not cover the cost of the Angel Pak. The VA relies a lot on pharmaceuticals  while we choose to rely on nutraceuticals.  

What are nutraceuticals?  

Nutraceuticals are the antonym of pharmaceuticals. They are all natural vitamins and/or  supplements that help the body to heal itself naturally without relying on symptom  management of the pharmaceuticals.